Website Designer

From a business perspective, consider who your target audience is - individuals or companies. Your website content should be designed for your target audience. This can influence the design of your site.

Generally, your visitors are looking for information and a product, or service. So we need to present this in a logical or organized manner. Consider what are the most important features of what you are offering. What things separate you from your competition ? Where you list your main selling points is a great place to position a buy now button or your telephone number. We want to make this section of the site stand out- prioritize this area. Also, will the information on your website be constantly changing, or will it remain relatively static ? Consider your customers and products.

The right images, fonts, sizing, spacing, and consistency must all work together, along with great written content in order to have a super website.

You will be responsible for the content of your website and how it is organized. Most websites have a main page, a products or services page, an about us page, and a contact us page. We can create any page that we need. Also be aware of your main headings and then add a few paragraphs focused on that main heading.

Building a website involves rounding up your materials first - your creative vision. This may include business quotes, favorite fonts, possible pics that you want to use, and even a style of site design like block or minimal. From here you choose a color scheme, and 2 main fonts to use site-wide. The overall width of the page and spacing is then decided upon. Next is the layout of pics and images. Optionally, you may want to consider audio or video for your website next. And finally, we consider and double-check your search engine optimization goals. SEO is built-in to every Mojo55.com website.

What You Get

Your Own Domain

Web Hosting For Your Domain

25 E-mail Addresses

7 Pics To Use

Custom Logo

Google Business Listing

Google Fonts - 10 picked by Mojo55.com

Visitor Stats

Built-in SEO

Works Across All Devices

Customer Support

Money Back Guarantee

Custom Photo Slider

Custom Navigation Bar

Contact Us Form

FX Package

2 Videos (Optional)

2 Audio Clips

Free Content Updates

Pro Website

We build custom websites using the latest HTML5, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. The process begins with a general idea of where you want to go with your website, followed by a period of adjustments. It helps to be prepared with your text or copy when you contact us. We can also use "practice text" until you write the final copy.

If you plan to use stock videos or photography, all you need to do is give us the image numbers. We will handle the sizing and any tint adjustments. If you have any favorite websites, please mention that to our designers. We can style your Mojo 55 website in that direction.

Custom Logo

Logos are a serious business in their own right. Our team will create some logo possibilities for you. There may be a process of adjustments until we get it just right. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our logo, what we can do is go with a temporary logo for now until a suitable one is found/created.

You can see a few of our custom logos.

Our logos are created in 2D, which matches the rest of the website. You can opt to create your own logo, or use a 3rd party, thereby reducing your overall cost of the website.

Built-in SEO


SEO, or search engine optimization, is built right in to your pages. Our designers will make sure your website has 25 key SEO ingredients to allow your website to gain visitors fast. Once we have you set up, an expert will tell you what you need to do in the future. Built-in SEO is the right foundation to have from the begininng.